Today, I have been thinking about the most sold products. What do people buy the most of and what are the best selling items available in the U.S. today? I buy cars, but that is a small portion of the melting pot. Are vehicles the most searched for, most sought after, and even bought more than anything else? It seems that they are not in general, although one in particular model makes the cut. In fact, much smaller, cheaper items are the go-getters these days. With an economy like this, who could really expect anything different?

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Franchises do seem to succeed in ranking high with their trendy products. Companies that sell MP3 players, cell phones, and those clunky digital bricks (more commonly known as a “tablet”) do very well and these products are listed as best sellers nation wide. Fantasy genre books fly off the shelves unlike any others these days. With over 350 million sales, the Rubik’s Cube has been on top for longer than I’ve been alive. Over the last year, the CD Thriller from Michael Jackson made record sales for its 30th anniversary release, and the album itself has over 110 million sales. Video games are ever popular. With so many varieties, your toddler can interact with them with current technology, and your teenager ends up spending his afternoons glued to the set as he plays a roleplaying game. You and your spouse can play a digital board game, and your grandparents might even join in. Junk vehicles haven’t made the list yet, but I’m holding out for it one day. I’ll keep buying cars for cash to try and reach that goal.

Movies obviously make the list of most sought after. I mean, what is cheaper entertainment then spending a dollar at the rental kiosk for two hours of entertainment? This business is booming. Although the fact that I buy cars does not top the list, the Toyota Corolla is the most sought after, bought, and used car in the United States. It has been here since 1968, with 11 generations, and they make the claim that one is purchased every 40 seconds since the year it was introduced to us, and that it is still holding strong. Another 40 seconds has passed, another Corolla has been purchased. If you would like to get rid of the one that you bought, you are in luck! I will buy it from you. I pay you cash for vehicles, and by selling to me, you will help me reach my goal of cars being on the most bought and sought after item of the year. It doesn’t sound all too glamorous, but it is my goal nonetheless.

We all have our goals, likes, dislikes, and desires. The year 2013 has arrived and I am making it my priority to buy as many cars as possible to make my dreams come true. Take the time to call us and we can help you out. I will offer you cash, guarantee the amount, and hand it over to you before towing away your old vehicle. Let’s make this year a great one by starting it off with a clean slate as I buy cars from you, and you get to buy a new, nicer vehicle. Maybe even a new Corolla?