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Sell Car In San Diego

To sell car in San Diego, it’s super simple. By now we’re sure you have heard about getting cash for your car. Well, the rumors are true and we will buy your car for a good price. We know it probably is a tad mind boggling as to why anyone would pay you for your junk car. It’s just the way the world is changing, and you can now get cash for your junk.

Sell Your Car In San Diego

You’ve probably wondered how this whole process works when junking your vehicle. That’s probably why you clicked through to this page was to find out how it works. To sell your car is as easy as 1-2-3 literally. Ready?

1. You have a junk car? You want cash? PERFECT! Call us up at 619-631-5681 and we one of our trained car buyers will take your phone call, and offer you a guaranteed cash quote for your junk car, truck or van.

2. If you like the amount we offer, then our buyer just gets some extra information from you and gets you all set up. Our dispatcher calls you shortly after to set up a good pickup time.

3. Whatever time you schedule with our dispatcher is the exact time our driver will show up, with cash in hand, ready to pay you and hook up the junk car and tow it away. Just have the proper documents.

That’s it! You’re done! Sell car in San Diego has never been easier. Call us to get a cash offer and your junk car removed today! Call Now 619-631-5681

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